We want to help you preserve the memories of your special day.  

We can help by capturing you and your guests and all the cherished moments, the laughter, the tears, the fun and most of all the love..

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About Us

Craig Clark

As a senior in high school with camera in hand, Craig was first inspired to capture the moments and scenes of life and creation that are so special to all of us. His passion for this art combined with a strong work ethic are displayed in a unique ability to see and create compelling and unforgettable images. His calm demeanor and playful sense of humor behind the camera allows everyone to be at ease and enjoy the important moments and occasions of life’s milestones. Craig loves the laughter, the tears, the expressed emotions and beauty of that special occasion; whether a wedding, a birthday, a graduation, a new baby or any moment that must be captured with love and care. Craig’s aim is to capture the reality of the special moments of your life and loves that it’s his honor to preserve them.

Connie Clark

Hi - my name is Connie Clark. I’m often inspired and take joy to sing-along with special songs or even little commercial snippets on the radio or TV. Well, as an artist, I especially love photography as it is like a paintbrushin my hand to compose beautiful and compelling images. I’m positive and passionate about what I do as I live a blessed God-given life in partnership with my husband. My center of attention is to totally focus on you and your special occasion so great images are a continuing inspiration through out the years ahead of you. Though I enjoy many photographic subjects and venues I like to specialize in family and wedding photography. My style is predominantly modern and romantic with emphasis on fun, laughter and capturing the natural expression that is you. As my husband and I work with you, I personally take great pleasure in working with the bride to portray her special moments of preparation and presentation. In the end, my goal is to capture the emotion and sentiment of each moment into beautiful photographic imagery. I so look forward to meeting you to plan a special photographic event that is fashioned to tell your story.

Craig & Connie Clark

Together, Craig & Connie capture the priceless moments into timeless photographs, the ones that are worth 1,000 words. They combine an artistic eye and strong attention to detail producing images both playful and elegant. They believe each photograph should be alive with energy and a reflection of the feelings of the moment. They work together with a freestyle approach that artfully blends traditional and photojournalistic elements. Their warm and charming personalities make them a joy to work with.

For more information regarding Event photography or Workshops and Instruction please contact us through Email  at cacx2@mac.com

Visit my blog at https://craigaclark.wordpress.com/wp-admin/

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Coach Nate

I have worked with Craig and his company for many years during a group and one on one setting. I found his skills with the camera as well as media outstanding; which is the reason I keep coming back for his business. I encourage everyone who needs a personable and experience photographer I recommend Craig. He is more than reasonable and will travel the distance for your needs. Thank you Craig


What a great team these two make. Not only are the pictures stunning, they capture the true feeling of the day. An absolute blessing to have them recreate the special moments through their work!


Having Craig and Connie photograph our wedding was one of the best wedding planning decisions made. They both listened to exactly what we wanted. We wanted memories and a ton of pictures of friends and families celebrating our blessed day. They did just that. Every picture captured our love for each other and beautiful memories. We are still enjoying the memories through Craig and Connie's photographs.


Our wedding pictures turned out beautiful and was exactly what we wanted! Captured all of the special moments throughout the day. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone! Dailey I definitely recommend Craig Clark photography.


I have used his services several times and appreciate his versatility and professionalism at shooting in multiple outdoor locations. He gave us many options of quality photos from which to choose. He was very easy to work with during the shoots and made myself and my family extremely comfortable. That made it easy to capture some natural and very spontaneous moments. He offered quick turn around time after the shoot as well. 

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