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Craig A Clark Photography Scenery, Landscapes, Sports & Events

Welcome to my Photo Gallery. I live in SW Washington and love photography. Whether you are looking for Photo Coverage at a home or office event,
a specific image idea for your multi-media presentation or simply a photograph for your home or office decoration please contact me.

I am an avid Outdoor and Sports Action photographer located in SW Washington. Born in Newport Oregon, I have lived in the Pacific Northwest all my life. I am currently involved in several local photography groups and I am a staff photographer for
I love taking pictures and have been involved in photography since my teens. I've enjoyed taking pictures since the first few clicks on the Brownie and the Kodak Instamatic I borrowed for a trip to England. I started photography lessons on an Argus C3 that I inherited from my dad. Now, with the advancements in digital photography I have discovered a new and greater passion for photography. I love shooting. I also love learning more about photography through experiences, techniques and perspectives shared with others. I learn, you learn, we all learn!

If you have any questions or need a larger resolution image contact me via email []

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